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A Practical Guide to Trading a Broken Wing Butterfly Spread in Options Trading


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Options trading offers a wide variety of option strategies for traders to employ. One strategy that many traders employ to generate profits is the Broken Wing Butterfly Spread. This strategy can be used in a neutral, bullish, or bearish market condition. There are multiple variations of the Broken Wing Butterfly, but in this article, we will be focusing on the primary strategies and a practical guide to trading a Broken Wing Butterfly Spread.

Understanding the Basics

Before diving into the specifics of the Broken Wing Butterfly Spread, it is important to have a fundamental understanding of options trading. This includes knowledge of put and call options, strike prices, expiration dates, and implied volatility.  Check more on options strategy builder. Additionally, it is important to have a basic understanding of options pricing principles and the role they play in options trading.

Analyzing the Underlying Asset

The first step in implementing a Broken Wing Butterfly Spread strategy is to analyze the underlying asset. This involves inspecting research reports, statistical data, news articles, and trend analysis to identify the market conditions correctly. Once you identify the asset behavior in your options strategies, you can determine whether it is appropriate to trade in current market conditions.

Identifying the Right Strike Prices

After selecting a neutral, bullish, or bearish outlook for the underlying asset, you will need to select the right strike prices for the Broken Wing Butterfly Spread strategy.  Check more on options strategy builder. There are two different strike prices to be chosen in this strategy; one near the current market price and the second strike price further away. By selling one of the Call or Put options out-of-money, traders can generate a credit.

Placing the Trade

Once you’ve analyzed the underlying asset’s behavior and selected the appropriate strike prices, you can begin placing the trade. The Broken Wing Butterfly Spread requires purchasing one in-the-money Call or Put, selling one out-of-the-money Call or Put, and selling another Call or Put, which is further out-of-money than the first in the option strategies. For example, if the Call option is chosen, the trader will purchase an in-the-money Call option, sell one out-of-the-money Call option, and sell another call option even further out of the money than the first. A single Put option could be chosen as well, following the same principles.

Monitoring the Trade

Monitoring the Broken Wing Butterfly Spread is essential. As you might know, options trading can be volatile, and it is vital to be prepared for potential risks. Monitoring the trade is an essential part of managing risk while earning profit.  Check more on options strategy builder. It is important to monitor the underlying asset’s behavior, check for any unusual movement or changes in the market, and keep an eye on the expiration date and strike prices.

Managing the Trade

Managing the Broken Wing Butterfly Spread strategy under option strategies is a critical component of the trading process. One option is to modify the strategy by adding or removing positions to balance the profit potential and risk level.


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